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Go nutz!

The birds did anyway

Protect the magical treetops that power the squirrel nation defenses!
Fight off evil mechanical birds before they reach the roots! You are the squirrel chosen for the task!

GoNutz is an unusual and addictive tower defense game that will challenge your skills and blow your mind.

Stay tuned for beta!

Enemy birds

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About the game

Protect the treetops

Magic leaves power up your guns. Protect multiple bases at once and don’t let the evil birds destroy your precious treetops! Tap on the screen to aim and swipe up and down to switch bases.

You have to watch all of them, because when these nasty metal-feathered things destroy all the leaves on one base, your defense cabin goes out of fuel and you fail your mission!

Go Nutz Gameplay 1
Go Nutz Gameplay 2

Unlock powerups

Collect golden acorns that spawn occasionally on your treetops. When you gather 5, choose one of 3 random power-up cards with instant effects.

Unlock new cards, prepare your deck and choose the game style you want to play.

Special weapon arsenal

Bring one type of special weapon on each mission. They all have different traits, so be sure to try all of them out to see which play style suits you best.

You should use them wisely, because your gun can fire special bullets only for shorter periods of time. make them count!

Go Nutz Gameplay 3
Go Nutz Gameplay 4

Level to the ground

Your tree is under attack. You have to get to the bottom of the tree and stop the machine that is about to tear it down.
As you progress through levels, face different enemies, gather special weapons, power-ups, and coins.

Why? Because it is fun! And also because if you don’t, your squirell kind will lose it’s home or even worse.

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They went nutz!

We had a closed type alpha testing with local users at our offices.
And our testers went, well, nutz!

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Go Nutz is amazing!

"The alpha had only five levels - I needed three to get hooked. The game is super fun, the powerups are balanced. I can't wait for it to go live."

Nenad Stamenković
Reviewer image

Just wow

"What not to like? Graphics, physics, and darn good controls. Not to mention the smashing artwork! The guys nailed it!"

Nemanja Nikolić
Reviewer image

It's well optimized

"I played the alpha and it ran great on [generic android device]. The controls were great and the game didn't flinch. The guys are doing a great job with the development so far."

Milan Stojanović

Get ready for beta!

We are working on a beta to be released on Android somewhere mid 2019.

Signup and win a chance to be among the first invites to our public beta release!

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